View your referrals in two different ways:

1. Referrals tab

To view incoming and outgoing referrals in real time, click the Referrals tab on your top navigation bar: 

From here you can: 

  • Click back and forth between Incoming (referrals made to your organization) and Outgoing (referrals made by you, to a different organization) referral tabs
  • Click the blue View button to be taken to the individual Referral page
  • Click on the Status button to reorganize list by stage of referral

After clicking View for a specific referral, you'll be able to access specific referral information on the next page:

From here, you can see: 

  • Client information and profile page: click the client's name in blue to access their Client profile page
  • Sender information
  • Recipient information and assigned team members
  • Attachments
  • Service offering
  • Referral status
  • Notes and note history

2. Client profile page

After searching for your client on the Clients page, click the client's name in blue to be taken to their client profile page. Towards the bottom, after the Relationships section, you'll see the Referrals section which reflects all incoming and outgoing referrals made within your Coordinate Network.

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