Each organization in the Network is responsible for maintaining its incoming referrals. We've come up with a few helpful tips to stay on top of all incoming referrals.

Bookmark Healthify

  • Add Healthify's login page to your bookmarks so you can access Clients and Referrals easily:


Check Incoming Referrals Consistently

We recommend reviewing incoming referrals to your organization within 24 hours.

  • You will receive emails from info@healthify.us every time a referral is made to your organization. You can also view referrals made in real time to your organization on the Referrals tab by selecting Incoming.
  • Filter Referrals by statuses using the Status tab.
  • Tip: Review your notifications and reminders to ensure you are keeping up with your referrals. If you have left a referral inactive, you will receive a reminder message. If you are receiving too many notifications, learn how to update your Notifications and Reminders settings here!

Review, Assign, and Update Referrals for Completion

Questions? We're here to help. Email us at support@healthify.us or message us in the In-App chat at the bottom right corner of every screen in the Healthify platform.

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