If you are a Track or Coordinate user, you can now make multiple referrals at one time. 

How It Works

1. Open the Resource Basket from the global navigation.

2. In the Resource Basket, click the Create Referrals button.
3. Enter the name of the client for whom you will be making the referrals (you can only select one client at a time). Once you’ve entered a name, click the Continue button. 

4. On the bulk referrals page, you can personalize each referral by adding notes and attachments.

5. When you’ve finished customizing your referrals, click the Create Referrals button.
6. Once the referrals have been created, they will live on the Client’s Profile Page. If you are a Coordinate user, you can also find these referrals on the Referrals page. 

Customizing Your Referrals

On the bulk referrals page, you can customize each referral in two ways:

  • Adding a Note: Create a note to provide more context, describe your client’s needs and reasons for referral.
  • Uploading an Attachment: Include a service application, patient notes, and other important documents. 
  • To upload an attachment, click the paperclip icon next to the related service.  
  • Select a file from the upload dialogue in your browser window. 
  • Note: You can only upload one attachment to each referral. Attachments must be a PDF and cannot exceed 50MB.

Note: if you are sending a referral to a Coordinating Partner, recipients will be able to view any notes, or attachments that you have added.

Deleting a Referral

If you have added a resource to your Resource Basket, but do not wish to send a referral to that resource, you can delete it by clicking the “X” icon. The resource will be removed from your Resource Basket, as well as the bulk referrals page.   

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