Certain resources can now be contacted directly through the app allowing you to close the loop on referrals without any additional effort! 🎉

While logging a referral to one of these resources, you will have the option to send that request to the organization via email, along with limited details about your client.

Organizations that can be contacted will now show a Log Referral & Contact button on their resource site. Organizations can be contacted if they have an email on their resource site and if the services they offer do not contain PHI. These can include services related to Education, Transportation, Food, Housing, Employment and more.

You can log the referral as you normally would and have the optional step of contacting the organization.

If you have chosen to contact the organization, Healthify will send an email containing information about the referral and client to the receiving organization. The organization can then either accept or decline the referral, and add additional notes if they choose to. If they accept/decline a referral, you will receive a status change notification. If they add additional context you will receive a notification that a note has been added.

Although an email has been sent to the organization, it is still best practice to contact the organization outside of Healthify in order to connect your client to their program.

​For resources that only show Log Referral, these organizations cannot be contacted - you will still need to share the resource’s information with your client, by either downloading a PDF or sending a text to them through Healthify, after logging the referral.

Questions? We're here to help. Email us at support@healthify.us or message us in the In-App chat at the bottom right corner of every screen in the Healthify platform.

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