The different types of notifications you can receive include:

  • New Referral Received (if you are a referral manager for your resource site)
  • Referral Assignment (if you are assigned to the referral)
  • Referral Status Update (if you are assigned to the referral or the client’s profile)
  • Referral Note added (if you are assigned to the referral)
  • Referral Attachment added (if you are assigned to the referral)
  • Client Profile Merge accepted (if you submitted a client merge request that was approved by a Team Admin)

Healthify will send you reminders when events occur on In-Network referrals that you are assigned to, or on Out-of-Network referrals that you have created. These reminders are triggered when an event occurs on a referral, or if no action has taken place on a referral in a specified timeframe.

The different types of events that can trigger reminders include:

  • New referral received
  • Referral assignment
  • Inactive Out-of-Network referral
  • Inactive In-Network referral

You can view your most recent in-app notifications by clicking on the Notifications link in the navigation bar on the top right. A dropdown will appear with a list of notifications and a number will appear alongside the notification link, indicating the total number of unread notifications.

Notifications related to your referral and client profile activity will appear within the notification dropdown. Notifications are organized from most recent (top) to least recent (bottom). You can scroll within the dropdown to see the 100 most recent notifications.

Notification Settings

When the Notifications dropdown is expanded, you can click View Settings to navigate to your Account Settings page. You can also access the Account Settings page by hovering over My Account in the navigation bar and selecting Settings.

On the left hand side, select which settings you would like to change:

  • Profile - change your name or password
  • Notifications - change your notification settings

You can update which notifications you would like to receive via email and by default, all notifications will be selected. You can unselect a notification type to stop receiving those notifications.

You can control how many notifications you receive by changing your reminder frequency settings.. For example, if you only select “1 MONTH OF INACTIVITY” you will only receive a reminder after 1 month of inactivity has occurred on a referral.

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