Protecting your client’s health information is the most important thing we can do as you connect your clients to the resources they need. It is our responsibility to keep your clients’ information safe and secure. 

At the same time, we know that client self-reporting of social service referral history is often inefficient, inaccurate, or incomplete. Because of this, lack of visibility into an “official” client history may lead to duplication of services and/or data collection efforts. 

The Healthify platform is built to protect the privacy and health data of the clients it serves, while allowing for individuals to collaborate effectively across organizations. 

How are Clients shared in a Team?

Users on the same Team see the same Client index. All users can view the same Personal Details, Demographics, Relationships, Referrals, Attachments and Screenings for a Client. If a user creates a Client manually in Healthify, that Client is shared only with the other members of their Team. 

How are Clients shared across Companies?

If a Client is created in Healthify via a kiosk survey workflow, an API or HL7 integration, or a file import, we can customize who is allowed to view that client. The Client can be shared with all Teams in the Company, with a number of Teams in the Company, or with just a single Team in the Company. This would be indicated in the transmission or in the file when the Client is created.

How are Clients shared in a Network?

End User Attestation

Before a referral is sent, we require users to attest that client authorization has been given. The end-user attestation checkbox serves as a reminder to gain authorization from your clients before sharing any of their data with community partners. You will not be able to send a referral (and therefore share client data with a partner in your network) until you have attested to your client’s authorization.

Client List

When a referral is made for a specific client, not only is the referral visible to the Community Partner but so is their Client profile. Coordinate Partners will only see the Client profiles of the Clients that have been referred to them. This ensures that only relevant Clients are shared over with Coordinate Partners. 

Client Details

When a referral is sent to an In-Network organization, the following Client information is shared: 

  • Demographics
  • Referrals
  • Personal details
  • Relationships
  • Attachments 

Healthify permits all of these sections of the Client profile to be shared with the In-Network organization who receives the referral. In addition, as future referrals are added to the client record over time, those become visible to the In-Network organization via the Client record, along with previous referrals.

Surveys and any screening answers are not shared. We limit this intentionally so that only the information that is relevant and necessary to successfully complete a referral is shared over with In-Network organizations

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