My Listings contains all the resource sites your organization manages and can accept referral at.

If your organization has a resource site in your Healthify Community Network, ensure this page is up to date by utilizing the My Listings tab in your top navigation bar: 

Click the eye icon to view your current resource page. To add or update information about your resource site, click the pencil icon.

While editing the resource site page, you can edit the information about your program including contact information, hours of operation, the description of your program, eligibility, service offerings, required Items, and much more.

It’s important to make sure the Capacity field in the Next Steps section is always updated. If you are nearing maximum capacity, you can indicate that by checking, “This site’s capacity for new referrals is limited,” so other users in your network will recognize your limited capacity for taking on new clients. Leaving it unchecked indicates that your program has the capacity to accept new clients.

Additional Tips for Updating Capacity

  • If you are no longer offering certain services, please remove the service offering tags from your resource site. You can always re-add service offerings in the future.
  • If you are absolutely at full capacity and not offering any services, we suggest you report the resource to hide the resource from search results. Please reach out to Healthify Support when you are ready to unhide the resource site and ready for new referrals.

When you’re done updating your program’s information, click Save and these updates will be made in real-time. 

Please update your resource site’s information whenever anything changes to ensure users are viewing the most accurate information about your organization.

Questions? We're here to help. Email us at or message us in the In-App chat at the bottom right corner of every screen in the Healthify platform.

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