To update a referral, start by clicking on the dropdown menu that says Select an action, then select the action you would like to log. 

The Log Action button will change from gray to blue; click there, and you’ll be prompted to indicate the associated service offerings for this action. Then, based on the action that you're logging, you'll be able to provide relevant details, such as the duration of service delivery or a typed note.

The possible Actions you can log are:

  • Client Contact - Successful

  • Client Contact - Unsuccessful

  • Client Waitlisted

  • Client Enrolled in Service

  • Service Provided

  • Service Not Provided

You can log actions at any time and in any order (i.e. from Client Waitlisted to Service Provided).

The Referral Status at the top of a referral page will update automatically based on the last action logged:

You can also manually update the Referral Status by clicking Edit Status on the client's referral page and choosing from the dropdown menu. After selecting the new referral status, click Update Status to complete the change.

The Referral Status options are:

  • Unstarted - No actions have been taken on this referral yet.

  • In-Review - You have attempted to contact the client, reviewed and submitted applications, and / or assessed the client’s information and eligibility.

  • Service In-Progress - The client is receiving services, which may include recurring and follow-up appointments.

  • Service Completed - The client has received the service and no further action on this referral is needed.

  • Canceled - The referred service can’t be provided.

You can change a client's referral status at any time and in any order (i.e. from Unstarted to Service Completed). You can also reopen a referral if necessary (i.e. from Canceled to Service In-Progress).

Please note that referrals cannot be deleted. If you need to cancel a referral, please update the status to Service Not Provided and provide a reason for the cancelation when the page prompts you.

Remember: If you are part of an In-Network organization, updating the status will send a notification to both the assigned team member(s) and the sending organization. Notifications will be sent to users once they've been assigned to the referral. If no team member has been assigned, no notifications will be sent out. If the Referral Manager would like to continue to receive updates on a referral, they must assign themselves to the referral manually. Learn to assign a referral here.

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