To learn more about a resource, click on the resource’s name in blue on the Search results page. A resource page is divided into three sections: 

  • Basic information
  • Resource overview
  • Next steps

Basic information

This section contains the following information about a resource:

  • Program Name and organization Name
  • Address
  • Last updated: when the resource site information was last verified by our Resource Network team
  • Phone number (if provided)
  • Email (if provided)
  • Website (if provided)
  • Hours (if provided)
  • Map

Resource Overview

This section contains a more detailed description as well as relevant additional information. You'll also find: 

  • Service offerings: All programs and/or service types offered at a resource site
  • Eligibility requirements: All populations served at a resource site
  • Languages: All languages spoken at a resource site

Next steps

The last section contains:

  • Next Steps: what an individual must do to access services
  • Capacity: whether a resource or agency can accept new members.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: whether or not a resource is accessible by wheelchair.
  • Required Items: items that may be necessary for an individual to access services.
  • Price Range: the cost associated with services, if there is one.

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