Report Duplicate Clients 

Send a request to your Admin to merge duplicate clients in your database

If you’re seeing duplicate profiles on your client list, you can report them to your Team Admin to be merged.

Note that merging clients will create a new profile that will include referrals, attachments, and screenings from the original profiles. 

This tool will most likely affect you if:

  • Your team has guest screenings enabled.
  • Your team manually adds clients. 

Create the request

Scroll to the bottom of the Clients page and click the blue link to start. 

Select the two clients you think should be merged. When you’ve added a client, you’ll see a quick summary of their profile. 

Click the blue Start Request button when you’re ready for the next step. 

From here, you can build a new client profile from the original profiles. On the left side of the page, you’ll see demographic data from the original profiles. This includes IDs, names, date of birth, gender, email, phone number, and address. 

Click on the tag to add it to the new profile. You’ll know if it’s successful if the tag appears in the New Profile section. 

To remove data from the new profile, click the X icon next to the tag. Note that gray tags can’t be added or removed. 

You may see gray tags for the following reasons:

  • There is an External ID, which can't be modified.
  • The clients have the same demographic data.
  • The clients are missing the same demographic data.

Click the blue Review Request button when you’re done building the new profile. 

Review the new profile and add an optional note for your Admin. You can show and hide your edits by clicking the Show Edits toggle.

Click the blue Submit Request button when you’re done.

You’ll know that your request was successfully sent when you see a new alert on the client list. You'll also see a note on the reported clients' profile pages.

Who will review the request?

Your Team Admin will review your request and decide if it makes sense to combine the reported profiles. You’ll know if it’s been reviewed when you get an email notification informing you of the outcome of the review. 

What happens if my request is approved?

If your Admin approves your request, your team’s client list will be updated. 

  • The original profiles will be hidden. 
  • There will be a new client profile listed.
  • On the new client profile, you’ll see the updated demographic data. You’ll also see referrals, attachments, and screenings from the original profiles.

What happens if my request is rejected?

If your Admin rejects your request, your team’s client list will remain the same.

  • The original profiles will still be shown on the client list. The demographic data, referrals, attachments, and screenings will not change. 
  • The original profiles cannot be reported again.

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