To get comfortable using Healthify to connect your clients to community resources, your account also comes with access to our Demo environment. This is a platform where you can practice your Healthify skills before you head to the real thing!

*Please give at least 24-48 hours after confirming your account to log into the Demo Environment*

Please note: if your organization has an integration, the integration is not available via our Demo site.

In the Healthify Demo environment, you can practice searches, create pretend Clients, and log and send referrals. Each night, all of your activity will be wiped from the system so you can feel comfortable trying new things. You can access this environment by going to, and logging in with the same credentials you created when you confirmed your account. 

Please do not ever put real patient information in the Demo environment.

Once you have mastered your skills, please log out of the demo environment, and log in to to begin making referrals for your actual clients!

Questions? We're here to help. Email us at or message us in the In-App chat at the bottom right corner of every screen in the Healthify platform.

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