To complete a screening for a client, go to the client's profile page from the Clients page: 

Search for your client by first or last name in the Search your clients bar at the top. 

Once you find your client, click on their name in blue:

On the Client profile page, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Screenings section.

Click on Start Screening to start a screening.

Begin by filling out their personal information. Click Continue after filling out all required fields.

The following page will lead you to our Privacy Policy. Click Yes, I accept then Continue to begin the screening.

Following the completion of a screening, if a client has been matched with service offerings, you can then review their list of recommended service offerings. Matched service offerings are determined by your client’s answers throughout the screening.

Additionally, you can view and edit their list of recommended resources, create referrals, or click to view at a later time.

If you click View & Edit Resources, you will be prompted to add the recommended resources to your basket to compile a list of resources to share with your client. 

If you click Skip For Now, you will be navigated back to the client profile page where you can review the list of recommended service offerings at a later time.

If clicking View & Edit Resources…

You will have two options to manage your resources:
Clear Basket, this allows you to to clear out the resources already in your basket, or
Add to Basket
, this allows you to compile even more resources into your basket while keeping your existing resources.

You will then be taken to the bulk referrals page. Here you can remove resources, add additional resources and create referrals.

To find additional resources that meet your client's needs you can conduct another Search from this page. If you navigate away from this page at any time, then create referrals from your Basket, you will be asked to select your client again and navigate to the bulk referrals page.

By completing the referrals from the bulk referrals page, you will be navigated to the client profile page where all referrals will be reflected. Additionally, a link to the referral summary page will appear to view the recommended resources at any time.

By clicking Download Referral Summary, this will allow you to download a PDF which contains a full list of recommended resources, based on the completed screening. 

If clicking Skip For Now…

You will return to the client profile page, where screening results will be reflected.

While on the client profile page, a link will appear in the screening results allowing you to view and edit the list of recommended resources and complete the same workflow as mentioned above.

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