After finding a resource within your Coordinate Network, you can send a referral in one of two ways:

On the Search results page, click Send Referral on the Resource Card:


On the Resource page, click Send Referral at the top:

You'll be taken to a form for submitting a referral. There are three fields on the referral form you are required to fill, the Client you are making the referral for, the Service Offerings the referral is being created for, and the Client Authorization check box:

The Client Authorization checkbox is a reminder to gain authorization from your clients before sharing any of their data with community partners. You will not be able to send a referral (and therefore share client data with a partner in your network) until you have attested to your client’s authorization.


After sending the referral, you can additionally share the referral details with your client by:
Downloading a PDF
From there you can attach it to an email or print it out and hand it to your client personally.
Sending a text
You can text the details of the referral to your client if your client’s number has been included within their profile and they have consented to receiving text messages regarding referrals. 

If you choose not to share the details with your client for the time being, click on Skip for Now.


After sending, you can view the referral in one of two ways:

Visit the Referrals tab in your top navigation bar.

Here you can see a real time queue of incoming and outgoing referrals along with:  

  • Referral ID: A unique identification number given to each referral
  • Date: The date the referral was created
  • Client: The client the referral was created for 
  • Service offering: The services the referral was made for
  • Organization: The organization that will be receiving the referral 
  • Status of the referral: The current status of the referral 

Visit the Referrals section of the client profile page.

Click the blue View button to access and manage the referral.  Learn more on managing referrals here!

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