Data Validation

We understand that the accuracy of our data is one of the most important factors in helping those in need find the resources they require. This is why we take a comprehensive four-step approach to ensure that our database is the most accurate and up-to-date around.

1. Resource Collection

When populating the database for each locale, we search through public records, open datasets, and organizational information to establish a foundation. Our dedicated Resource Network team will help ensure that all of the resources your organization already depends on are included in our collection process.

2. Smart Data Curation

Our Smart Data Curation process allows us to quickly verify basic information from the collected data such as resources offered, eligibilities, intake requirements, and contact information. This curation process allows us to identify and remove duplicates, as well as outdated information.

3. Quality Validation

Once the initial curation has been completed, a dedicated call team speaks directly with agencies to confirm critically important information and gather more detailed information about the services provided.

4. Database Evolution

The final step in the process is allowing users to provide their feedback on each resource. This helps ensure that we have relevant data to run through our verification process and eliminate stale information. Since we hold the accuracy of our database to the highest standard possible, we also verify 80% of our resource data every six months, if not more frequently.

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