Data Validation

Our users rely on the accuracy of our resource data when they're using Healthify to connect their clients to community organizations and social services. There are real consequences to inaccurate resource data, which is why we take a comprehensive four-step approach to ensure that the information in our database is up to date.

1. Resource Collection

We begin by sourcing data from public records and databases to ensure that publicly available resource data is captured on the Healthify platform. After building a foundation of public resources, we perform extensive web searches, place phone calls to social service agencies, and even transcribe pamphlets in order to locate resources that aren’t available in public databases. Finally, our users frequently share lists of their favorite resources with us, helping us make our database even more comprehensive.

2. Smart Data Curation

Our Smart Data Curation process allows us to find and verify important information about new resources before they are added, including which services are offered, eligibility requirements, intake requirements, and contact information.

3. Quality Validation

Once resources have been added to the database, we validate basic contact information (address, phone number, email, and website) every 120-180 days. A dedicated call team is also available to perform targeted resource validation projects, including validating more complex data attributes (such as descriptions and eligibility information) and collecting information that isn't available on the internet.

4. Database Evolution

Because users interact with the resources in the app on a daily basis, they are often the first ones to notice when a particular data attribute is incorrect (e.g. a disconnected phone number). Users can provide feedback by editing resource sites directly, creating new resource sites, making suggestions about new or existing resource sites, or reporting resource sites as duplicates or as out of date. User feedback is reviewed by our team within 7 days.

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