Need help figuring out what this report is and what it contains? Below you will find a brief report description as well as necessary data definitions.

The User Census report is a raw data extract representing all users belonging to a Team, Company, or Network. This report includes information around when users were granted access, when they confirmed their accounts, and when they last signed in to Healthify. It also provides the number of referrals and searches linked to individual users. The report is shared by email as a CSV file.

Data Definitions

Fields are listed in the order they appear in the Healthify Executive Summary.

User Created Date: The date when this user received a Healthify license

User Confirmed Date: The date when this user confirmed their Healthify account (if blank, user has not confirmed their account)

Last Sign In Date: The date when this user last logged into Healthify

Has Patient Access: Showing if this user has access to patient data (also known as
Healthify Track)

Team is Referral Enabled: Reflects whether user can record patient referrals in Healthify

Team uses Coordinate: Reflects whether user has access to Healthify Coordinate

Search Count: Number of searches user conducted in the past 30 days

Referral Count: Number of referrals user created in the past 30 days

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