Need help figuring out what this report is and what it contains? Below you will find a brief report description as well as necessary data definitions.

The Client Engagement report are raw data extracts with user activity data that provides an overview of user search engagement. It includes user status (active/pending) and engagement rate for active users, as well as search count and searches per engaged user. This can be shared at the Team, Company, or Network level. The report is shared by email as a CSV file.

Data Definitions

Fields are listed in the order they appear in the Client Engagement report.

Engaged Users:
Users who have logged into Healthify within the past 30 days

Active Users: Users who have confirmed their account

Pending Users: Users who have been given access to Healthify, but have not confirmed their account

Search Count: Number of searches on Healthify in the past 30 days

Searches per Engaged User: The average number of searches per engaged user in the past 30 days

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